Hi everyone and welcome to my site. I’m excited to share my passion of fitness while traveling. The world makes it difficult to stay healthy as it is, but traveling complicates matters. I’m here to show you all my tips and tricks to maintain the healthy lifestyle you want on the road.

But first, a back-story on the blog name. It all goes back to my youth–I was around 7 years old and my parents were going to take me to my first hotel. The decided on a cute Bed and Breakfast place called Alexandra Inn. They wanted to make my first hotel experience fun and exciting; what better way than bring a child to a hotel with her name? My name is Alexandra and my first hotel was Alexandra Inn in Bennington, Vermont.

Little did I know I would turn out to be a health and fitness freak; and hold down a demanding corporate job that requires me to travel over half of the year. When I first landed my job, I was feeling depressed by my new world. It seemed impossible to maintain the healthy lifestyle that I was used to. I stayed positive and have developed some great strategies and techniques to help accomplish this.

This leads me to this point: a blog named alexandrainn.com (the actual website my first hotel owned) and a passion to share my tips. As a blog newbie, I was unsure about what website name to choose. It just so happened that a good friend of mine (more technical than me) told me the Alexandra Inn hotel was up for sale. I knew I had to have it. It was my chance to say thanks for the memories; a way for me to show respect for the hotel that started my journey.

Please checkout my contact page if you’d like to say hi.


Alexandra :)

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