Traveling With Your Kids – 10 Amazing Tips!

UPDATE: I want to let everyone know that I’m sorry for being so quiet. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to the blog; I’m still here and I have some incredible news to share with everyone.

We’re having a baby!

I have neglected the blog because of the pregnancy, but I’m ready to stay more committed. In celebration, here are ten great tips for traveling with kids (I will read this in about three years!).


Although going on vacation with your children can be a very enjoyable experience, traveling with kids can be challenging in some ways. From trying to keep everyone entertained and happy to staying organized, being away from home with your kids can cause some headaches at times. To help make your next family vacation as enjoyable as possible, we have put together our top 10 tips for traveling with kids.

1. Do extensive planning

Maybe before you had kids, you were a spontaneous traveler who just liked to “wing it” as you went along. Well when there are children in the picture, you do need to plan ahead. You will need to make sure the kids stay entertained and have everything they need. You must also plan ahead for unexpected delays, choose age-appropriate attractions and hotel accommodations, be prepared for medical emergencies and be sure to have things such as car seats and strollers on hand.

2. Have your kids help you plan your trip

Kid love to help plan family outings. So make sure to involve them in your vacation plans. Older children can even help to do research online.

3. Pack an emergency bag

Always take an emergency kit with you when you are traveling. It should contain any prescription medications that are needed, batteries, change of clothes for toddlers, small toys, first aid supplies, extra toiletries, snacks and anything else you might need in the event there is a delay in picking up your checked luggage.

4. Make A Plan For How To Handle Cancellations Or Delays

You need a contingency plan just in case the unexpected happens. Think about things you can do to keep the kid entertained if you end up on a long layover. Have toys and snacks on hand.

5. Prepare your children for the airport and flight.

If this is the first time that your children will be flying on a plane, prepare them for the experience in advance. Thoroughly explain the process, starting with security to boarding the plane. Make sure they know they will need to wait in line. Explain to them that their ears might off on take off. You may want to get them a set of earplugs.

6. Consider pull-ups

If your child is in the middle of the potty training process, traveling can be more complicated. Having accidents while on the road can be detrimental to the process, so you might want to consider putting your toddler back in pull-ups on the trip, or at least while on the airplane.

7. Bring along a stroller, car seat or anything else you need to make your trip safer and more comfortable.

If your child uses an infant carrier or car seat, then bring them on the trip. Or you might want to get an air travel-approved infant carrier/car seat in addition to a stroller frame that snaps to it. The full combination can be used as a stroller, and then the frame can be checked at the airport gate.

8. Book child-friendly accommodations.

Consider both the size of the room and the location. Many hotels have adjoining rooms or family suites. You might also want to consider renting a condo, villa or house, which gives you the option of having things like laundry facilities and full kitchens.

9. Have your children document your trip.

Give older kids smartphones or cameras so that they can take photos on the trip. They can also keep a travel journal or make a scrapbook.

10. Stay flexible and be willing to change your plans.

Our final piece of travel advice for you is to keep in mind that although it is very important to plan your family vacation in very detailed ways, it is also important to realize when you need to adapt and deviate from your original plan to keep the entire family happy and relaxed while traveling.

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