Make Your Own Energy Bars with Protein Powder

Protein powders are not created equal; a lot of them have questionable ingredients, so please do your own research. I found my favorite protein powders and great recipes on Doctor Oz’s site. I’m a huge fan of quality and want to make sure the best ingredients go into my body.

Okay, now it is time to talk about my favorite recipe. I have always enjoyed indulging in protein shakes, particularly because I find it more efficient to have a good intake of protein together with my workout. Again, this poses a problem when I have to travel out of town. It becomes problematic to bring protein powder. I sought out an alternative way to satisfy my protein fix without this hassle: protein bars.Upon consulting with fellow fitness buffs, I found out that I could actually prepare homemade energy bars with protein powder; and I was allowed to take these on flights. Sure, we could all just buy energy bars, but they are just so expensive. Making your own is more economical. I will be sharing my top recipe for homemade energy bars. Enjoy!

1. Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars

This is my favorite homemade energy bar. I’m going to be upfront with you: I love this because it’s just so delicious! Pretzels and peanut butter taste so nice together, plus there is a very small percentage of fat in this hearty workout snack. Here’s how to prepare your own:

You will need:
3 ounces of soy crisps whole or
2 ounces protein powder
2 ounces powdered peanut butter
Half cup of water
2 ounces agave
2 tablespoons of peanuts, chopped to the size you prefer
Pretzel twists, chopped to the size you prefer
2 tablespoons half-cut peanut butter chips

a. Prepare your baking pan with nonstick spray. Light coating will suffice.

b. Run half of your soy crisps through a food processor, and beat 3-4 times over. Put this into a bowl and manually break any leftover large pieces. Do the same thing for the remaining half of your crisps. Then, add protein powder to the bowl and manually blend.

c. Mix the water, agave, and peanut butter powder to a separate cooking pot. Cook this with medium heat while stirring the mix from time to time for the first three minutes. Bring this to a boil. Allow the mix to boil for a little less than half a minute and then pour the soy mixture over.
Mix until the dry ingredients are settled.

d. Pour the mixture into the pre-set pan. Press them down. Next, sprinkle the chopped pretzels, chopped peanut butter chips, and the chopped peanuts into the mixture. Cut these into bars. The number and size would ultimately depend on your preference.

Of course, you can change the amount of ingredients depending on how many bars you actually need for your trip! Prepare plenty before you leave; it could be hard to shop and cook these when you are already out there (most hotel rooms don’t allow for cooking.) You could experiment on your own recipes, too!

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