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I absolutely love staying in hotels. I mean come on, you leave your room looking like it’s the last ten minutes of Titanic, and you come back later in the day to a perfectly clean room People clean up after you, and everything you need is just a dial away.I could get used to that, except not all hotels have a gym facility; and nearby gyms are not always accessible. This is a nightmare for fitness buffs like me. Through time however, I realized that getting stuck in a hotel for a long while is no excuse for slacking off in my daily workout. After all, my personal trainer once told me: “Your gym is not where all your equipment is. Your gym is wherever your body is.” Also, do not forget to supplement with protein.

That is a nugget of wisdom I bring with me everywhere I go. And now to share this with you guys, here is a workout routine you can use when you have to stay in a hotel room without any of your fitness equipment:

Warm Up

We all know how warm up is very important in any workout. Since you can’t bring your treadmill with you traveling, here are some improvised warm up exercises to get you started:

  • Jumping Jacks (make sure you have enough space for this. If the hotel room is too cramped up, try the hallways. Never mind the onlookers, focus on getting your health straightened up. Or at least try.
  • Body Weight Squats (you can use the bed or the chair, if necessary)
  • Push-ups, lunges, and leg raises

Tip: Learn how to improvise. Personally, I found my hotel trips to be a great way to break away from my gym and equipment dependency. I learned how to use the edges of furniture, and even doors for my workouts. Depending on your hotel room layout, make use of what you have.


There are times I got lucky and booked a hotel where there was a swimming pool facility. On these rare occasions, I make use of the pool to swim laps for a full body workout. More often than not, though, there isn’t a pool on my accommodations. When that is the case, I just follow this workout scheme that could be done even when confined to a small hotel room:

  • Inclined push-ups (use the edge of any sturdy furniture you have on your room)
  • Lift weights (use your luggage for this. Add and remove contents depending on your weight capacity)
  • Core workouts (you can even use your bed top for this. Just make sure you maintain proper form when doing leg raises, crunches, sit-ups, and other core workouts.

This video is great for hotel workout tips:

Cool down

Hotel rooms are usually really cold, so make sure you don’t skip your cool down routine, or else you will be spending the rest of your vacation with sore muscles.

Have fun and experiment next time you find yourself in a hotel. If you ever have questions along the way, please check out the contact page. You can leave a message and I will reply as quickly as possible.

Remember, your body will thank you for all these workouts!

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