Women Joggers – Travel Safety Tips

Did you know that jogging is one of the best ways for women to lose weight? That’s why I jog a few times a week. Despite my busy travel schedule, I am still able to make time for a jog. The time crunch isn’t the main issue on the road; women travelers have to pay particular attention to their surroundings. This article will showcase tips to help women stay while jogging on the road.

There are many perks being a woman, but there are also a lot of things you have to do differently than men. As a woman with an active lifestyle, I found out that a woman like me needs to be extra careful, especially in places unfamiliar to us. If you also enjoy outdoor jogging, the following tips could help you remain safe when jogging in an unfamiliar location:

Stay Safe JoggingFamiliarize Yourself With The Surroundings

Especially if you prefer jogging at night, make sure you visit the place in the morning where you can see clearly every road block or hurdle you may encounter. Take note of places where there are open manholes, or blind curves that may be hard to spot when it’s dark. If you can, map out your route so that when it’s time to jog, you don’t have to worry so much; you are already familiar with the place.

Dress appropriately

Different countries have different cultural and social norms. Make the effort to learn these norms before you visit foreign destinations. If you must jog outside, do not wear clothes that may be seen as offensive or too eye-catching. We don’t want to draw negative attention from locals.

Find A Running Partner

You will feel safer and offenders would think twice before targeting someone who runs with a partner. Take this as an opportunity to get to know some nice locals or people from your hotel accommodation. They might be able to help you ease up and workout at peace.

Ditch The Headphones

I know you may have grown accustomed to listening to music when jogging, and this is fine if you are running back home during the day. But now that you are in an unfamiliar place, you have to maximize all your senses in order to properly gauge your safety. Wearing these devices could impede your hearing of oncoming vehicles, or the nuance sounds of someone following your tracks. Stay alert!

Find A Well Lit Trail

Trust me, it’s better to face the hassle of having too many people on your path, especially when the alternative is a dark alley. Sure, you could have an uninterrupted run, but you are not sure how safe these places are. You can never be sure about the crime situation of a foreign place, so just stay safe.

Carry Cash

When I wasn’t traveling as much, I was used to not bringing cash on runs. However, traveling taught me to invest in running outfits that have closed pockets. This way you could bring extra cash when you run. You never know when you are going to need it. Better to prepare for emergency situations where you may need to hail a cab, make a call on a payphone, or buy all sorts of medication.

It’s a lot to consider, but these are the basic guidelines you have to take note of. Stay safe and healthy, sister!

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