Coffee: My Pre-Workout Supplement On The Road

I typically prefer to my workouts using a pre-workout powder. I do this all the time when I’m home, but unfortunately this is not something I could do when I have to travel for work. I have to skip my supplements, particularly because it is very risky to bring a pre-workout powder on a plane. I discourage you to do this as well. To help you get your pre-workout fix on the road, I will let you in on a personal secret: coffee.

Yes, you read that right! I’m sure you have fallen in love with coffee because it can spell all the difference for your morning. For people like me (not a morning person), I’m sure you will be pleased to know about the ways that coffee can function as our pre-workout and travel supplement:

1. It is delicious

Come on, who can resist a fresh roast? An iced coffee? Savor the taste and drink up my friends.

2. It wakes you up in the morning

You might be traveling to a place where the temperature is not the same as what you are accustomed to. Whether the weather is unusually cold or unusually warm, it could cause you to sleep in longer than you plan on. If you exercise in the morning, drinking coffee can help you wake up and start your workout plan even in such a strange environment.

Bonus tip: if you’re going to be at the same hotel for a decent amount of time, go ahead and purchase a protein powder. As mentioned in this article, we highly recommend you do not travel on an airplane with the protein powder. Just make sure you buy an amount you feel comfortable using. Make sure to mix your protein powder with a shot of espresso (ideally) or half of your cup of coffee. It is an amazing kick-start to your day; caffeine energy mized with the fat burning protein powder. Enjoy.

3. Caffeine improves endurance

I can personally attest that I am able to do more repetitions on my muscle workouts when I have caffeine in my system. Try working out with and without coffee, and see the results for yourself.

4. Caffeine helps you stay alert

This claim has been scientifically proven. If part of your workout is playing sports, your accuracy could be well improved by drinking coffee or other caffeine-based beverages. It could be hard to train your physique if your mental state is nowhere near its top state; caffeine could help you get there.

5. Caffeine gives you a boost in speed

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that professional athletes are still allowed to take coffee. I mean, it’s like having a superpower!

Remember, coffee won’t replace some of the pre-workout benefits, but it is a great alternative for people on the road. Let us know your results!

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