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As you know, staying fit while traveling can be a royal in the arse (and healthy eating). The gyms are hit or miss, and running outside presents its own challenges.

I wanted to let you all in on my new secret: Mini Trampolines. Seriously, there are models that fold up and fit into your luggage! It’s a game changer.

If you’re wondering which one to buy, I’d recommend the Stamina 36 inch. If you want to compare more brands then we recommend reading Trampoline Gurus’ reviews. They review multiple adult sized trampolines, which makes it easy to find the perfect model.

Here’s Why Mini Trampolines Rock

When you’re working with trampoline fitness, you will be able to have fun while you get into shape. There are many sizes and shapes of trampolines. You will learn how to get the right one for you and also how to build an exercise regimen in the below information.

Leg Strength

using a mini trampoline with traveling on the roadTrampoline health benefits are mostly related to your legs. You can be sure that bouncing up and down is a great way to strengthen your legs, as long as you’re not locking your knees. If you do that, it can hurt you, and you also need to keep in mind that the higher you go the more careful you need to be. People have a tendency to get a trampoline and want to go crazy with how high up they can get, and you don’t want this to be the case even if you are old enough to be responsible.

Why does a trampoline significantly increase your leg strength when it seems like it’s just helping you to jump up? Basically, when you are jumping on one, you are still using your legs in a manner that’s unique to other methods of exercise. To make sure that you are getting the most out of it you should monitor your progress by seeing how long you can go for a few times a week. Generally it’s said that 30 minutes twice a week of rebounding is a great way to get your legs into the best possible shape through this kind of fitness regimen.

It’s Cardio

Be mindful of your heart rate when you are doing workouts. If you have issues with high blood pressure or other cardiac problems then you need to discuss how much activity you can do with a healthcare professional. If you are able to get on tramadol online medications to help with your heart that allows you to still workout on a trampoline, then that’s a good idea as long as the side effects don’t make it dangerous for you to do your exercising on a trampoline. For instance, you may find that in the first few weeks of taking a high blood pressure medication you are dizzy and shouldn’t be doing anything that isn’t safe.

Keep Yourself Safe

Get a net that you can put around the perimeter of the area where you’ll be jumping so if you do lose your balance you won’t get as hurt. Also be sure that you keep the guards on over the springs if there are any, since you can end up falling through and getting cut up by them if you are not careful. It may cost a little extra to have a safety oriented setup, but it is worth it when you consider the cost of being injured.

The area where you set up your trampoline is important to make flat and appropriate for you to use as a foundation. Many times people just toss it anywhere and are surprised when eventually it folds in on itself or has other problems. Get shoes as well that let you have some support when you first get started, like a nice pair of running shoes that hug your feet and cling to the surfaces better. Get a personal trainer if you can or join a class at a gym and you may be able to learn from those things what it is you need to get started in the right manner.

Final Thoughts

Getting a good workout can be done through utilizing a trampoline. Anyone is able to do it as long as they are safe and get the right one. You now are equipped with the proper information that will allow for you to get started right away.

Exercise Travel and Health

UPDATE: I want to let everyone know that I’m sorry for being so quiet. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to the blog; I’m still here and I have some incredible news to share with everyone.

We’re having a baby!

I have neglected the blog because of the pregnancy, but I’m ready to stay more committed. In celebration, here are ten great tips for traveling with kids (I will read this in about three years!).


Although going on vacation with your children can be a very enjoyable experience, traveling with kids can be challenging in some ways. From trying to keep everyone entertained and happy to staying organized, being away from home with your kids can cause some headaches at times. To help make your next family vacation as enjoyable as possible, we have put together our top 10 tips for traveling with kids.

1. Do extensive planning

Maybe before you had kids, you were a spontaneous traveler who just liked to “wing it” as you went along. Well when there are children in the picture, you do need to plan ahead. You will need to make sure the kids stay entertained and have everything they need. You must also plan ahead for unexpected delays, choose age-appropriate attractions and hotel accommodations, be prepared for medical emergencies and be sure to have things such as car seats and strollers on hand.

2. Have your kids help you plan your trip

Kid love to help plan family outings. So make sure to involve them in your vacation plans. Older children can even help to do research online.

3. Pack an emergency bag

Always take an emergency kit with you when you are traveling. It should contain any prescription medications that are needed, batteries, change of clothes for toddlers, small toys, first aid supplies, extra toiletries, snacks and anything else you might need in the event there is a delay in picking up your checked luggage.

4. Make A Plan For How To Handle Cancellations Or Delays

You need a contingency plan just in case the unexpected happens. Think about things you can do to keep the kid entertained if you end up on a long layover. Have toys and snacks on hand.

5. Prepare your children for the airport and flight.

If this is the first time that your children will be flying on a plane, prepare them for the experience in advance. Thoroughly explain the process, starting with security to boarding the plane. Make sure they know they will need to wait in line. Explain to them that their ears might off on take off. You may want to get them a set of earplugs.

6. Consider pull-ups

If your child is in the middle of the potty training process, traveling can be more complicated. Having accidents while on the road can be detrimental to the process, so you might want to consider putting your toddler back in pull-ups on the trip, or at least while on the airplane.

7. Bring along a stroller, car seat or anything else you need to make your trip safer and more comfortable.

If your child uses an infant carrier or car seat, then bring them on the trip. Or you might want to get an air travel-approved infant carrier/car seat in addition to a stroller frame that snaps to it. The full combination can be used as a stroller, and then the frame can be checked at the airport gate.

8. Book child-friendly accommodations.

Consider both the size of the room and the location. Many hotels have adjoining rooms or family suites. You might also want to consider renting a condo, villa or house, which gives you the option of having things like laundry facilities and full kitchens.

9. Have your children document your trip.

Give older kids smartphones or cameras so that they can take photos on the trip. They can also keep a travel journal or make a scrapbook.

10. Stay flexible and be willing to change your plans.

Our final piece of travel advice for you is to keep in mind that although it is very important to plan your family vacation in very detailed ways, it is also important to realize when you need to adapt and deviate from your original plan to keep the entire family happy and relaxed while traveling.

Travel and Health Travel Tips

what makes a hotel perfectMost hotels that I stay in are luxury ones all over the world. I can arrive in a huge room with a gigantic TV, a Jacuzzi in the bathroom and a fruit basket. But all of that is not important to me. Sure it is a nice bonus, but I don’t spend that much time in my room. I am usually at meetings, and when I am there, I am either sleeping, making myself a healthy meal or exercising.

What is most important to me when it comes to the hotel, is their facilities. I don’t care about the fancy stuff; I just need somewhere to exercise. Many hotels I stay in have a gym, which is perfect for me. I can pop downstairs to the gym when I am free, even at night as most of the gyms are 24 hours. They are usually empty, and I can just pop my headphones in and get down to business. In hot countries, a gym is necessary because it is air conditioned as there is no way I am going out in 120-degree heat jogging.

If your hotel does not have a gym, try these simple hotel workouts.

If there isn’t a gym, it’s nice to have a running path that is close. Normally I can ask at the reception, or just go out and find my way. If there’s a large park close by it can be great for running, but I have to find enough time during the day.

what makes a hotel perfect 2I have found myself in some situations, in a place with nowhere to run and nowhere to exercise in the hotel, so I had to improvise, and try to exercise in my room. The rooms usually have enough space somewhere where I can stretch, lunge and even do yoga. I have even used objects like chairs and food items to do weights.

Another important thing I like to have at the hotel is a good grocery store. It should be near enough by that I can pop into anytime, as well as having at least some healthy choices. I always have granola with me for a quick healthy breakfast before I head to a meeting, so I have to buy milk. I prefer to buy skim milk as it is the healthiest, but this isn’t offered in some countries. If I can find low-fat yoghurt, I will buy that instead. Fruit and vegetables are almost always available, and they are great for quick lunches and snacks.

Lastly, a comfortable bed is also essential. I don’t get that much sleep as I am normally working late and up early, but the sleep I do get, I like to enjoy as sleep is important to stay healthy. I have had so many beds that are like sleeping on a rock, and others that have been lumpy like somebody stuffed a dead body in the middle of the mattress. I love when I find a bed that feels just right, and I can curl up after my crazy day of working and exercising, and fly away with the fairies for a few hours.

Fun Travel and Health

As you all know, exercise and healthy eating are a big part of my life, and I try to take it very seriously. However, as I am away for business around nine months of the year, it can be difficult sticking to healthy foods. It usually depends on where I am as to what is available, but I normally try to take some of my products just in case I can’t find anything healthy.


Be sure to check all your food goodies against the Prohibited Items list (TSA – USA).

When I am travelling on long international flights, I never, ever eat the plane food that they serve, even on business class. It is always so salty and starchy I cannot imagine how unhealthy it is. I have normally made myself a meal to take with me, like a cold pasta or salad. If I haven’t had time, I will buy one in the airport in one of the healthier shops.

If I can’t find anywhere healthy, I will just buy a brown bread sandwich as it is still better than the plane food. I also bring some nuts, chopped up fruit and vegetables or an energy bar for snacks if the journey is a long one. Any fruit I haven’t eaten when I get off the plane I have to throw out as it’s not usually allowed through customs.

I always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and always stay away from alcohol whilst travelling as it always makes me feel worse. I usually have no time to be jet lagged as I normally land, go straight to my hotel to change and only have a few hours rest before I have to start my meetings.

What I Take

If I have time to organise myself before my trip, I go shopping and stock up on healthy food that I can take with me. I will take things like tinned fish, granola, soups, rice pouches and chickpeas for salads.

In addition to healthy snacks, I love to bring cut up veggies with me. The only downside to chopped vegetables is that they don’t stay fresh for a very long time. I make sure to eat them in the first day or two of my trip. After they run out, I usually make a trip to the grocery store and load up.

Helpful Tip: Chopping up vegetables is incredibly difficult if your knife isn’t sharp. Electric knife sharpeners are the easiest way to keep your knives in good working order; it’s a must-own kitchen product.

Almost every room I stay in will have a fridge, so I keep things cool. If it doesn’t have a kettle, I will ask for one so that I can make food rather than going out to eat. Granola is the best for a quick meal in the morning, with some skim milk and fresh fruit. I try to eat small meals about four times a day so that I feel satisfied all the time. It is not always possible, and it depends on what schedule I have.

If I have access to fresh fruit and vegetables, I tend to carry them around with me during the day. Then I can have a snack whilst I am travelling from meeting to meeting. Some people will look at me a bit strange, all dressed up in my designer suit munching on an apple. Others tell me I am crazy and just to enjoy myself and try all the new cuisines of every country.

what i eat on airplanesOf course, I will try once or twice, but I like to stick to the foods that I know, that make me feel good and ready to go. I also don’t always know how healthy foreign foods are for me as I may not be familiar with the ingredients or cooking methods, so sticking to what I know ensures I maintain my healthy lifestyle.

Fancy Dinners

Being a corporate executive, I am expected to attend fancy dinners often. Nearly half of the meetings I have all over the world are held in restaurants. A lot of other meetings are held in conference rooms where they will hand out food, but I can easily decline it without offending anyone. At elaborate dinners and meetings with clients at restaurants, however, it is rude to not eat.

If you do happen to get sucked into the fancy dinner, here is an effective way to detox your body afterwards.

eating and travelI found it difficult at first, but I have found ways to manage. We normally go to high-end restaurants that, whether in Dubai or Tokyo, have a range of healthy options on the menu. From salads to grilled fish and meats, I always make sure I ask details when ordering. I must stay professional though so that I don’t get any odd looks from clients, and if I can’t find anything healthy, I have to order the best thing I can find. Now and again this is ok, as long as I am still getting my regular exercise back at the hotel.

Sometimes at large corporate dinners, there will be a set menu. It can be difficult, though I normally just stick to the vegetarian option. If it seems unhealthy, I will go for a chicken or meat dish, and only eat the vegetables and meat, leaving the carbohydrates. Alcohol is often dished out at a lot of my meetings, and if I am with a client or somebody important, it is polite to accept a glass of wine. I much prefer though, if I do have alcohol, to have a spirit like a vodka or gin and tonic.

I have always been healthy, but sticking to it whilst travelling can be tough sometimes. I have found ways to deal with it though, by taking my foods and finding grocery stores that sell fresh fruit and other fresh products which I have managed to find in most countries. I almost always find a way to keep up my daily exercise, in the gym, jogging or even in my hotel room. There is always a way to stay in shape no matter your lifestyle If you are determined to stay healthy, you will always find a way around the difficulties you can face whilst travelling.

Even though many places America now have a large range of healthy foods, I have found other countries that have healthy food as a way of living. Sometimes I even find it harder travelling domestically, as smaller places in the US don’t always have the variety of healthier foods like in big cities. I love countries that live on fresh food and not the processed foods that you find so frequently in the United States.

Travel and Health

When you read the title, were you asking yourself why you were about to take advice from a drug addict? C’mon now, I was just being playful. The truth is that a juice cleanse is an awesome way for us to “reset” the body. While I may have a glass of alcohol on occasion, my only drug that I regularly abuse is caffeine. Once and a while I need to detox the body–consider it my rehab.

Juice Cleanse Overview

A juice detox is an excellent way to begin a diet for those individuals who are looking for a new way to become healthy. We often get caught up in the convenience of fast food and loading the body up with sugar and carbs. We often do not realize all the damage we are doing to our bodies, and we don’t realize all the weight we are adding to our body frame until it has gotten out of control.

Starting with a juice detox will help break the bad habits of consuming bad foods while giving the body a fresh start and a new outlook on life. One of the most important things to remember when beginning a juicing detox is to choose organic products. Choosing organic products will help to eliminate all the pesticides and herbicides that your body needs to stay away from in order to stay healthy. Juicing is not a miracle diet, and it will not shrink your stomach but it can reduce your appetite and cravings. The juices will help to leave the body feeling more satisfied with less food.

Which Ingredients?

A juice detox is simple and easy to follow and maintain. The process of choosing which ingredients to add is the hardest part, and juices will need to be consumed every few hours. It is much simpler than planning out what meals to cook while slaving away in the kitchen for hours at a time preparing meals and cleaning.


The detox will help the body to eliminate some of these food groups. Possibilities are dairy, wheat, gluten, caffeine and alcohol. Juicing will help load the body up with nutrition, and it will help to provide plenty of vitamins and minerals and also including phytonutrients that help clean and heal the body.

Drug CleanseAnother positive effect of the juice detox is the power to help lose unwanted pounds. The body will feel better and have more energy that will help speed up the weight loss. Some of the weight loss may be from water weight, but fat loss will also be substantial.

A juice detox is a great way to curb the appetite and cravings while also significantly lowering daily calorie intake. Consuming juices helps the body to feel more active and energetic, but it is also equally important to stay hydrated. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will help keep the body functioning effectively while also increasing energy and ridding the body of toxins.

The benefits of juicing are substantial and crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Juicing can help eliminate chronic body aches, headaches, rashes, bloating, cramps and sinuses. It can also act as a natural pre-workout supplement. You’re ingesting all those amazing nutrients and your body salutes you.

Allowing the body to reap the benefits of a juice detox is important but a ton of different kinds will need to be used to ensure all nutrients enter into the body. As with any diet it is always best to speak with your doctor before you begin to ensure your body is tolerant to the changes it will endure.


Okay folks, that a wrap on juice cleansing. I don’t recommend trying this if you’re going to be on the road. If it’s your first time, I recommend finding a week that you think will be less stressful. I know, some of you are laughing at that–how can a week be less stressful. Use your best judgement.

Remember, you are doing it to feel better at the end. Don’t expect it to be an overnight sensation.


Travel and Health

This post is going to be a  bit more relaxed and informal compared to my usual ones. First off, I won’t be writing about any sort of travel tips, but merely reflecting upon my childhood and the hotel that gave me the inspiration for this website. Alexandra Inn (same as my name) was the first hotel my parents ever took me too. If you haven’t read my story, be sure to check out my About Page.

The owner’s were the kindest people on Earth and always delivered the best breakfast. As I reflect back, I am able to see that they were way ahead of their time with regards to health. I was visiting the hotel as a kid in the late 80s and early 90s; no one mentioned much about healthy diets back then. Despite that, the Alexandra Inn hotel owners had an amazing selection of lean protein items.

Oatmeal with Protein Powder

I was stunned to find out that protein powder existed back in the late 80s. The hotel owners actually were putting protein powder in the oatmeal–unbelievable. They were so far ahead of their time it is amazing!

They had a fact sheet about how great eggs were for delivering protein. Sure, it isn’t protein powder, but eggs are simply the best when it comes to protein supplementation. I have to hand it to the Alexandra Inn owners–they were light years ahead of the rest.

And they serve as my ultimate purpose to help people eat and live better on the road. I will be back in the next few weeks to share some of my favorite travel tips. If you have any suggestions, please send me an email using the contact form.

Cheers 🙂


I typically prefer to my workouts using a pre-workout powder. I do this all the time when I’m home, but unfortunately this is not something I could do when I have to travel for work. I have to skip my supplements, particularly because it is very risky to bring a pre-workout powder on a plane. I discourage you to do this as well. To help you get your pre-workout fix on the road, I will let you in on a personal secret: coffee.

Yes, you read that right! I’m sure you have fallen in love with coffee because it can spell all the difference for your morning. For people like me (not a morning person), I’m sure you will be pleased to know about the ways that coffee can function as our pre-workout and travel supplement:

1. It is delicious

Come on, who can resist a fresh roast? An iced coffee? Savor the taste and drink up my friends.

2. It wakes you up in the morning

You might be traveling to a place where the temperature is not the same as what you are accustomed to. Whether the weather is unusually cold or unusually warm, it could cause you to sleep in longer than you plan on. If you exercise in the morning, drinking coffee can help you wake up and start your workout plan even in such a strange environment.

Bonus tip: if you’re going to be at the same hotel for a decent amount of time, go ahead and purchase a protein powder. As mentioned in this article, we highly recommend you do not travel on an airplane with the protein powder. Just make sure you buy an amount you feel comfortable using. Make sure to mix your protein powder with a shot of espresso (ideally) or half of your cup of coffee. It is an amazing kick-start to your day; caffeine energy mized with the fat burning protein powder. Enjoy.

3. Caffeine improves endurance

I can personally attest that I am able to do more repetitions on my muscle workouts when I have caffeine in my system. Try working out with and without coffee, and see the results for yourself.

4. Caffeine helps you stay alert

This claim has been scientifically proven. If part of your workout is playing sports, your accuracy could be well improved by drinking coffee or other caffeine-based beverages. It could be hard to train your physique if your mental state is nowhere near its top state; caffeine could help you get there.

5. Caffeine gives you a boost in speed

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that professional athletes are still allowed to take coffee. I mean, it’s like having a superpower!

Remember, coffee won’t replace some of the pre-workout benefits, but it is a great alternative for people on the road. Let us know your results!


Did you know that jogging is one of the best ways for women to lose weight? That’s why I jog a few times a week. Despite my busy travel schedule, I am still able to make time for a jog. The time crunch isn’t the main issue on the road; women travelers have to pay particular attention to their surroundings. This article will showcase tips to help women stay while jogging on the road.

There are many perks being a woman, but there are also a lot of things you have to do differently than men. As a woman with an active lifestyle, I found out that a woman like me needs to be extra careful, especially in places unfamiliar to us. If you also enjoy outdoor jogging, the following tips could help you remain safe when jogging in an unfamiliar location:

Stay Safe JoggingFamiliarize Yourself With The Surroundings

Especially if you prefer jogging at night, make sure you visit the place in the morning where you can see clearly every road block or hurdle you may encounter. Take note of places where there are open manholes, or blind curves that may be hard to spot when it’s dark. If you can, map out your route so that when it’s time to jog, you don’t have to worry so much; you are already familiar with the place.

Dress appropriately

Different countries have different cultural and social norms. Make the effort to learn these norms before you visit foreign destinations. If you must jog outside, do not wear clothes that may be seen as offensive or too eye-catching. We don’t want to draw negative attention from locals.

Find A Running Partner

You will feel safer and offenders would think twice before targeting someone who runs with a partner. Take this as an opportunity to get to know some nice locals or people from your hotel accommodation. They might be able to help you ease up and workout at peace.

Ditch The Headphones

I know you may have grown accustomed to listening to music when jogging, and this is fine if you are running back home during the day. But now that you are in an unfamiliar place, you have to maximize all your senses in order to properly gauge your safety. Wearing these devices could impede your hearing of oncoming vehicles, or the nuance sounds of someone following your tracks. Stay alert!

Find A Well Lit Trail

Trust me, it’s better to face the hassle of having too many people on your path, especially when the alternative is a dark alley. Sure, you could have an uninterrupted run, but you are not sure how safe these places are. You can never be sure about the crime situation of a foreign place, so just stay safe.

Carry Cash

When I wasn’t traveling as much, I was used to not bringing cash on runs. However, traveling taught me to invest in running outfits that have closed pockets. This way you could bring extra cash when you run. You never know when you are going to need it. Better to prepare for emergency situations where you may need to hail a cab, make a call on a payphone, or buy all sorts of medication.

It’s a lot to consider, but these are the basic guidelines you have to take note of. Stay safe and healthy, sister!

Travel and Health

I absolutely love staying in hotels. I mean come on, you leave your room looking like it’s the last ten minutes of Titanic, and you come back later in the day to a perfectly clean room People clean up after you, and everything you need is just a dial away.I could get used to that, except not all hotels have a gym facility; and nearby gyms are not always accessible. This is a nightmare for fitness buffs like me. Through time however, I realized that getting stuck in a hotel for a long while is no excuse for slacking off in my daily workout. After all, my personal trainer once told me: “Your gym is not where all your equipment is. Your gym is wherever your body is.” Also, do not forget to supplement with protein.

That is a nugget of wisdom I bring with me everywhere I go. And now to share this with you guys, here is a workout routine you can use when you have to stay in a hotel room without any of your fitness equipment:

Warm Up

We all know how warm up is very important in any workout. Since you can’t bring your treadmill with you traveling, here are some improvised warm up exercises to get you started:

  • Jumping Jacks (make sure you have enough space for this. If the hotel room is too cramped up, try the hallways. Never mind the onlookers, focus on getting your health straightened up. Or at least try.
  • Body Weight Squats (you can use the bed or the chair, if necessary)
  • Push-ups, lunges, and leg raises

Tip: Learn how to improvise. Personally, I found my hotel trips to be a great way to break away from my gym and equipment dependency. I learned how to use the edges of furniture, and even doors for my workouts. Depending on your hotel room layout, make use of what you have.


There are times I got lucky and booked a hotel where there was a swimming pool facility. On these rare occasions, I make use of the pool to swim laps for a full body workout. More often than not, though, there isn’t a pool on my accommodations. When that is the case, I just follow this workout scheme that could be done even when confined to a small hotel room:

  • Inclined push-ups (use the edge of any sturdy furniture you have on your room)
  • Lift weights (use your luggage for this. Add and remove contents depending on your weight capacity)
  • Core workouts (you can even use your bed top for this. Just make sure you maintain proper form when doing leg raises, crunches, sit-ups, and other core workouts.

This video is great for hotel workout tips:

Cool down

Hotel rooms are usually really cold, so make sure you don’t skip your cool down routine, or else you will be spending the rest of your vacation with sore muscles.

Have fun and experiment next time you find yourself in a hotel. If you ever have questions along the way, please check out the contact page. You can leave a message and I will reply as quickly as possible.

Remember, your body will thank you for all these workouts!

Travel and Health

Protein powders are not created equal; a lot of them have questionable ingredients, so please do your own research. I found my favorite protein powders and great recipes on Doctor Oz’s site. I’m a huge fan of quality and want to make sure the best ingredients go into my body.

Okay, now it is time to talk about my favorite recipe. I have always enjoyed indulging in protein shakes, particularly because I find it more efficient to have a good intake of protein together with my workout. Again, this poses a problem when I have to travel out of town. It becomes problematic to bring protein powder. I sought out an alternative way to satisfy my protein fix without this hassle: protein bars.Upon consulting with fellow fitness buffs, I found out that I could actually prepare homemade energy bars with protein powder; and I was allowed to take these on flights. Sure, we could all just buy energy bars, but they are just so expensive. Making your own is more economical. I will be sharing my top recipe for homemade energy bars. Enjoy!

1. Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars

This is my favorite homemade energy bar. I’m going to be upfront with you: I love this because it’s just so delicious! Pretzels and peanut butter taste so nice together, plus there is a very small percentage of fat in this hearty workout snack. Here’s how to prepare your own:

You will need:
3 ounces of soy crisps whole or
2 ounces protein powder
2 ounces powdered peanut butter
Half cup of water
2 ounces agave
2 tablespoons of peanuts, chopped to the size you prefer
Pretzel twists, chopped to the size you prefer
2 tablespoons half-cut peanut butter chips

a. Prepare your baking pan with nonstick spray. Light coating will suffice.

b. Run half of your soy crisps through a food processor, and beat 3-4 times over. Put this into a bowl and manually break any leftover large pieces. Do the same thing for the remaining half of your crisps. Then, add protein powder to the bowl and manually blend.

c. Mix the water, agave, and peanut butter powder to a separate cooking pot. Cook this with medium heat while stirring the mix from time to time for the first three minutes. Bring this to a boil. Allow the mix to boil for a little less than half a minute and then pour the soy mixture over.
Mix until the dry ingredients are settled.

d. Pour the mixture into the pre-set pan. Press them down. Next, sprinkle the chopped pretzels, chopped peanut butter chips, and the chopped peanuts into the mixture. Cut these into bars. The number and size would ultimately depend on your preference.

Of course, you can change the amount of ingredients depending on how many bars you actually need for your trip! Prepare plenty before you leave; it could be hard to shop and cook these when you are already out there (most hotel rooms don’t allow for cooking.) You could experiment on your own recipes, too!

Travel and Health