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what makes a hotel perfectMost hotels that I stay in are luxury ones all over the world. I can arrive in a huge room with a gigantic TV, a Jacuzzi in the bathroom and a fruit basket. But all of that is not important to me. Sure it is a nice bonus, but I don’t spend that much time in my room. I am usually at meetings, and when I am there, I am either sleeping, making myself a healthy meal or exercising.

What is most important to me when it comes to the hotel, is their facilities. I don’t care about the fancy stuff; I just need somewhere to exercise. Many hotels I stay in have a gym, which is perfect for me. I can pop downstairs to the gym when I am free, even at night as most of the gyms are 24 hours. They are usually empty, and I can just pop my headphones in and get down to business. In hot countries, a gym is necessary because it is air conditioned as there is no way I am going out in 120-degree heat jogging.

If your hotel does not have a gym, try these simple hotel workouts.

If there isn’t a gym, it’s nice to have a running path that is close. Normally I can ask at the reception, or just go out and find my way. If there’s a large park close by it can be great for running, but I have to find enough time during the day.

what makes a hotel perfect 2I have found myself in some situations, in a place with nowhere to run and nowhere to exercise in the hotel, so I had to improvise, and try to exercise in my room. The rooms usually have enough space somewhere where I can stretch, lunge and even do yoga. I have even used objects like chairs and food items to do weights.

Another important thing I like to have at the hotel is a good grocery store. It should be near enough by that I can pop into anytime, as well as having at least some healthy choices. I always have granola with me for a quick healthy breakfast before I head to a meeting, so I have to buy milk. I prefer to buy skim milk as it is the healthiest, but this isn’t offered in some countries. If I can find low-fat yoghurt, I will buy that instead. Fruit and vegetables are almost always available, and they are great for quick lunches and snacks.

Lastly, a comfortable bed is also essential. I don’t get that much sleep as I am normally working late and up early, but the sleep I do get, I like to enjoy as sleep is important to stay healthy. I have had so many beds that are like sleeping on a rock, and others that have been lumpy like somebody stuffed a dead body in the middle of the mattress. I love when I find a bed that feels just right, and I can curl up after my crazy day of working and exercising, and fly away with the fairies for a few hours.

Fun Travel and Health

This post is going to be a  bit more relaxed and informal compared to my usual ones. First off, I won’t be writing about any sort of travel tips, but merely reflecting upon my childhood and the hotel that gave me the inspiration for this website. Alexandra Inn (same as my name) was the first hotel my parents ever took me too. If you haven’t read my story, be sure to check out my About Page.

The owner’s were the kindest people on Earth and always delivered the best breakfast. As I reflect back, I am able to see that they were way ahead of their time with regards to health. I was visiting the hotel as a kid in the late 80s and early 90s; no one mentioned much about healthy diets back then. Despite that, the Alexandra Inn hotel owners had an amazing selection of lean protein items.

Oatmeal with Protein Powder

I was stunned to find out that protein powder existed back in the late 80s. The hotel owners actually were putting protein powder in the oatmeal–unbelievable. They were so far ahead of their time it is amazing!

They had a fact sheet about how great eggs were for delivering protein. Sure, it isn’t protein powder, but eggs are simply the best when it comes to protein supplementation. I have to hand it to the Alexandra Inn owners–they were light years ahead of the rest.

And they serve as my ultimate purpose to help people eat and live better on the road. I will be back in the next few weeks to share some of my favorite travel tips. If you have any suggestions, please send me an email using the contact form.

Cheers 🙂