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20140617 opening paragraph picTraveling is an activity I never really liked, particularly because I thought it would be hard to maintain my active and healthy lifestyle while trapped inside hotels. However, I was forced to learn the art of staying healthy on a long flight when I got employed at a job that required me to travel a lot.

So, if you want to maintain your healthy lifestyle while on a long trip anywhere, this blog post will really help you out. I speak from experience, so rest assured that the following tips are tried, tested, and proven effective.

Step outside the gym – I was once a gym freak. I used to do all the workouts inside the gym. This is not nice to be accustomed to because there aren’t always going to be gyms wherever you go. This is why it’s important that you condition your body to workouts that don’t require the gym and the equipment. Starting today, get off the treadmill and jog outside. Trust me, this will get you prepared for the long travels where you can’t just bring your reliable treadmill. Learn how to run outside, without the use of any gadgets, since it is very unlikely that you could bring your exercise materials.

Learn how to improvise – In connection with the first tip, you have to plan ahead. If you are very much like me, you don’t like to miss any of your workout routines. Plan ahead all of the stuff you could use for your cardio, weights, core, and endurance training. You could try and bring a few plates or dumb bells, but that wouldn’t be practical. Water containers could function as weights; simple pulleys could be your endurance band, and many more. I’m sure you could figure out other everyday things that could serve as your temporary gym while on the road.

Have plenty of electrolyte solutions at hand – Going on a long flight could dehydrate you, and even if you are only seated for 15 hours, you would be needing more sustenance than mere water. My favorite companion when going on board a very long flight is Gatorade. I experienced some issues with sleeping, but at least I was never dehydrated. Also, have you seen how much these airlines make their customers pay for water? Crazy.

Watch your food intake – Make no mistake in stuffing your face with all the foreign food you could lay your eyes on. It’s not always worth it, trust me. I have been there, I have done that; the instinct of wanting to taste every new dish is almost irresistible, but you have to do your research first. Since you are already a fitness buff, then I’m sure you know how to balance your food intake. When you travel to a place where a foreign tongue is spoken, you at least have to know all about their cuisine. Which ingredients are put in which dishes? This way you can plan out the food pyramid without having to pause every now and then to figure out what’s in your foreign dinner.

Essentially, we just have to exert the extra effort to stay fit and healthy, even during long travels. If you love your health, the discipline required to do this is easy. Good luck and have a safe flight!

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